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Flor Dec 25 I was happy that I have a great family; but I went to sleep early to ease my disappointment. Because what other purpose would you have for an extra hour besides fanservice for the viewers, right?

I hope there will be one since it says at the end "lets start" and the ending was hanging! I don't hate this drama or anything, but it was not ended properly. I think it will be 20 episode I guess the drama like this is very rare in Korea by taking core love story that has a considerable age difference. The unique of this drama is the combination of couple prime minister 40s and I 20s that's what makes it so good and different to others.

CX Nov 02 That aside, the end was more or less what I was expecting, but taking from us the good moments:

Mary Feb 11 5: Nadezhna Nov 03 dating I was so prime because this drama was truly enjoyable minister had me entertained the the end just hit me like a truck. I get the part about Da Jung having to leave. For me, the worst thing is the huge number of things left completely unexplained.

The first is because the woman's main character is Yoona who is talented, pretty usually people see the main characters are good-looking or not , and also her acting has improved a lot! Caroline Tritiara Dec 28

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I am watching "You From Another Star" with my year old daughter last one. I just discovered this drama and finished it and I'm just staring blankly like "That's it?

But at least you can rest assured that our hero remains true to his admirable and honorable self, going beyond the call of duty when it comes to reconciliation and forgiveness. Episode 17 KY told him not to make the same mistakes as he did and make the people closest to him sad. I wish he had died truly believing that the OTP was in love.

Some people read the comments before they see the drama to find out if they want to waste their time watching it. Nedyl Jan 06 9: Kamatari Dating 14 7: Fuzee Jan the 3: These four episodes minister me feel that it isn't a romcom prime medical setting - it is as much of a med drama as a romcom.

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Thank you for putting such a strong argument for those of us who are in the anti-Na-Young camp. I just finished watching Prime Minister and I. I believe, she deserve it and the rating will come in the highest score.

I think what international drama watchers fail prime consider is that KY is still a legally married man, and that his first wife and mother of his three children is found alive.

Not to say how amazing the casts for this drama. He speaks at least four dating languages other than his native tongue of Korean - those languages include Chinese, Japanese, English, and Spanish. Or some sort the other spazzworthy romantic gesture, like a deep hug or something. He's likeable line in this drama "seriously, this woman" to Da Jeong.

Minister Seo Hwa Jun 06.

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Null since the 1st wife's aliiiiive? He just wants to prove to Da-jung that when he said he would protect her, he truly meant it. When we got there the bodyguards gave us a warm welcome and assisted us to my father.

To me, these are better dating American soaps, or the Spanish novelas. The Prime Minister would call a national emergency. For me this drama is worth-watching and I hope koreans prime give this a minister and not think of the actors age gap. I also find it interesting that, given the culture the celebrity scandal, everything got patched up so nicely in the end.

Yoona is so pretty and cute What frustrates me is the wasted time being apart. Makes me hate the fact that she went on a trip. She's improved for sure. Can't wait for the next episode, it feels like forever waiting he he Prime minister and I fighting!!!.

I look forward to more Korean dramas. KdramaZeta Nov 07 3: However, I am really frustrated with NDJ for the last 2 or 3 episode that she decided to run away even though he tried so hard to show her he want to be with her. A fun, romantic comedy with bit of heart breaking moments.

Sincerelly, I'm so happy with all casting and the funny and great story of drama. How could the writer made such an unsatisfaying ending like that for this drama. Your email address will not be published. Im not a fan of Yoona but pls give her a break.

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Nita Ranoeatmadja Feb 02 8: Thumbs up for Yoona whose acts improved a lot, here her role a totally different one with her calm and resentful in Love rain,here she is so care free ,free spirit and yet thoughtful.

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I was with him when we went to my marriage arrangement meeting.

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