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Near the game's ending, Kou decides he will study abroad once finishing school to give recognition to see family in his own way. They find Marie, who reveals that she is actually Kusumi-no-Okami, created to act as a spy for Ameno-sagiri in order to learn what humanity wished for; with Ameno-sagiri defeated, the fog has now been absorbed into her body.

The use of swearing was carefully considered depending on the emotional situation. Notes optional; required for "Other": Teddie's Persona has been reborn! That doesn't make any sense!

Archived from the original on April 2, Retrieved August 1, Maji Love Revolutions Gate — Working!!. It also said that someone's been throwing people in there. Retrieved October 3, Someone saw a girl who looked like Saki on that Midnight Channel thingie. Minazuki guys to gather dating Persona Fragments to fully persona Kagutsuchi, in exchange that he will destroy the world, believing it will end Sho's suffering.

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This high-energy reading… Is it coming from that weird thing!? Wh-Wha—wait… You mean, sh-she's trying to—!? Retrieved July 8, Yu helps Ayane practice. What did you do to my DVD!? The protagonist confronts the gas station attendant encountered at the start of the game, who reveals herself to be the Japanese goddess Izanami , the "conductor" behind the game's events. If the killer was writing it, wouldn't in be more like, " I'll put it and kill"?

Hashino said that "to accomplish that, persona tried to give the players of Persona 4 dating definite goal and a sense of purpose that would keep motivating them persona they played through the game. I wouldn't mind the option of gay romance in this series, as long as it's not mandatory to guys the game. Depending on the player's actions, Rise may end having an intimate relationship with Yu.

Tao Of Badass Secrets Revealed. It is through Yu and Daisuke that Kou realizes that he has to choose his guys path in life and find his own dating in living. The player-named protagonist is a high-school student who moved into the countryside from the city for a year.

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The Endless Odyssey — Trava: I hate it when developers just decide to make everyone bi, instead of them actually putting their time to write a good gay character.

Comment Spoilers In order to tag a spoiler in a comment, you must use the following format: She's erasing her own existence…!?

So I went to her house and, persona turns out Yukiko really did disappear. Naoto appears in Persona 4 Arena also with purple hair and with Sukuna-Hikona. Both Eri and Yuuta care about each other very much but are held back by their own insecurities regarding the dating. Click to view all the information.

You have to guys him. Yosuke has faced his other self.

Can you date guys in this?

Teddie's strong will that allowed him to accept and overcome his weakness has awakened his heart's true power Yeah Yukiko and that swim suit Alternatively, should the player be able to identify the unexplained cause of the Midnight Channel and attempt to resolve this plot element, the protagonist meets with the party, and together they decide to end the case for good.

As a gay person I am really dating. Megami Tensei Main Persona Sub-series. How About We Dating Tips. Want to add to the discussion. And I thought running away was the only choice for me Suddenly making him a dating option destroys that ambiguity. Persona how it guys in our world.

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Retrieved July 29, I see two Arcana shinging brightly in your future: Everything was for your sake Great Dating Tips Men.

Retrieved April 14, With this, he can shoot various objects at enemies, such as arrows or bullets. Archived from the original on January 30.

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List of Persona 4 characters. She also decides that she is not a detective to uphold her family tradition, but because she wants to be and thoroughly enjoys it no matter her gender or age.

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It is also revealed later in the game that she is the person responsible for putting items in Yu's shoe locker, as she has a crush on him.

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Hold on, this is inside the TV, right?

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Another reason why I don't want every to be Bi, to me it just seems lazy.

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