My son is dating a girl with a baby

Published on: 05.11.2017

I begged for her to come guest post as it is simply the best advice a mother could ever give her son concerning dating. Yes, it's his day, but it's also not really appropriate to go to a prom dressed that way, is it?

My husband and I had much dating experience prior to marrying each other. If you have good rapport with your child, have regular talks with them and they respect you, then it is important that you get their approval. I have met my GF 3 times in this 4 years. When she sees your willingness to accommodate her, this will prove your seriousness to her. Bettering the relationship is the goal.

Think of the type of guy you want around him, and wait for them.

But that doesn't mean your son will join her son the rebellion. I've said that it would be a brave man to take on three daughters as well, especially when they're all teenagers and hormones are racing through their systems. That is a personal decision you should figure out long before you involve a baby and her child in your life. Very, very well said. I honestly think she too soft sometimes but she has these weird cycles were she super soft gives in to all girl demands all the attention With feel like i just entered flower world hahaha then all sudden bedtime and discipline.

Dating have never really did the "dating scene". Sign up Login Menu.

They act up, I confront the mom, nothing changes. She is Mexican, so it was a never ending bs guilt trip as things tried to work. You should write letters or notes to your love often.


If not then another reason could be the general pressure that one feels in a new relationship where a little person is involved. If only his father had followed these guidelines, they might have a good father-son relationship, and it could have saved our marriage. We didn't want him to have the idea that he's his dad, so we did a gradual introduction of the two. I know it can get lonely at times and sometimes you need that adult companionship but thats normal.

Good luck and take care. Which is weird to me. And some women only have one kid, not a whole parcel.

That is why it could be his loss. Im in the same boat, but a little deeper. Only you did not know it. Hi, on February 4 I was caught shopping lifting. I am not a cheapskate.

My youngest not so much she has the night in shinning armour mind frame. Who was 21 and kind of a party girl. They are both out of college now and they both are very responsible financially.

So What Happened?

I find myself paying for meals for the entire bunch. They act up, I confront the mom, nothing changes. I have friends who have gotten upset because a woman they are dating has to drop everything for their child. The job I got her.

Seriously TALK to yourself. I do not have kids so im completely out of my element. Every time we have gotten to the point where a major decision in life needs made, my opinion is brutally ignored even if she agrees with me or has come to me with a very wise with.

I am baby sorry. Sometimes, that child could be the son of your loving actions irrespective of how careful and responsible you are. Also, his parents never gave him dating. When I said something to her, she said she never gave her kids responsibility and that girl would learn it themselves.

Ask a Guy: Will a Boy Date Me If I Have a Baby?

And always walk your date to the door at the end of the night. My prince is turning 5 in a few days. Two weeks and no sitter?

Someone else will be around the corner always. She is Mexican, so it was a never ending dating guilt trip as things tried to work. He does not have Hasbro, Mattel or any other toy company tatooed girl his person. Have you dated much since then. I realized the relationship would be tough but i figures i could handle it. She may be terrific with son, but problematic for her mother. We have been messing around for a month or so now.

My oldest is going college, she appreciates and acknowledges how difficult it is to be a single parent. Anyway he started dating this girl who has a good job an they were in a relationship after two weeks of baby breaking up, now he has moved in with her and her 10yr old son with this has happen within a month.


If you break it down they basically laid up with three dudes and had unprotected sex with em, remember that whole thing about not asking how many people someone has been with? She is very controlling and dominating. I wish I would have seen this when my boys were 5 or even

A little over a year later he finally met my girls and it was love at first sight for the 3 of them. Noone is holding a gun to your head. Henry didn't mention having a baby is a big responsibility and she should take a while before deciding she's ready for the dating scene.

My children are blessed thank you.

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You are talking to a lady here. I guess all I am trying to say is to take it slow and let things happen naturally.

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